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Private GTR Photoshoot

Private GTR Photo Shoot - Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting Header Pic

I wanted to start this article off with a huge shout out to Apex Media for the invitation to this private photo shoot. Thanks brother ! 

Whilst the time to meet was 11 am, Anthony chose to sleep in and didn't make it until 1 pm. Unfortunately my photos are limited, but I'm sure they'll be enough for you to drool over. 

I also did a quick live stream and walk-around of the 2017 Nismo Edition GTR. There is a sexy little start up too so make sure you check it out !

When I arrived I found the two gorgeous GTR's already angle parked inside an area I wasn't too sure how they'd gotten in. As I walked passed the bollards and over to a small garden area within Flinders Tonsley, I met up with the other photographers and said my good morning. As I took out my camera to start shooting an extremely upset security guard started to speed walk over to us. 

2017 Nismo Edition GTR - Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting

As the security guard started telling everyone off I chose to ignore him and just keep taking photos. You can see the guard in the top right of the photo below.

2017 Nismo Edition GTR - Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting

The guard continued telling us to move before further penalties were enforced. I continued trying to make up for lost time by shooting as many photos as possible.

Nissan GTR Pair - Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting

The owners of the GTR got into their cars and we decided to head to a final spot before everyone parted. As the cars started up, I managed to get this awesome shot of the Nismo Edition. 

2017 Nismo Edition GTR - Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting

We moved outside to finish the photo shoot but my lateness took a toll. The other photographers began to show me some of their epic shots of the other spots around the campus. I was jealous and it will teach me a lesson - that's for sure. 

2017 Nismo Edition GTR - Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting

Unfortunately this is the last good photo I took, but it was an excellent experience. So thank you to Apex Media for the invite and the owners for coming out. Anyone who is reading this, please do me a huge favour and give his Facebook page a like !

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    I loved the white one that’s on he’ll off a car I am from England ??

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