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About Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting

Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting is run by Anthony Calabek (TS-UH-LUH-BEK). Yep ! I'm that gorgeous goof above.
Originally on Facebook, I've run the page since it's creation in 2014 and have strived to follow the golden rule of " quality > quantity " only posting the best cars that get sent in (and never favouring one manufacturer over another). Whether it's imported from Japan, or built here and styled to look JDM; I'm posting it ! 
Figuring I can do more for the community than just post " Sent in by _____ " in June, 2016 I decided to open a blog / shop and introduce the world to what kind of epicness Adelaide has hiding in it's backyard. I plan to expand into event coordination in the latter half of 2016 / mid-2017.
If you've spotted an awesome ride or want to get in contact with me, see below !
.Facebook: Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting
Instagram: Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting
Submissions/Contact: adelaidejapanesecarspotting@gmail.com